Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Planning my 2010 Uinta Wilderness Expedition

So for a while now I've been planning an Expedition Trip into the Uinta Wilderness. I did some camping and some riding on the North Slope of the Uintas earlier this summer and I found so many streams and creeks that I knew I had to return to fish this area. The streams are so clear and you could spot the trout just waiting on a nicely thrown hopper pattern. I've been compiling maps of the area as well as what trout are in these drainage's. I have a few places planned even on the South Slope of the Uintas as well. There is so much water and area to cover we'll see how much of it we can cover. So if you are up for an adventure this coming Summer let me know.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The T/A Brown Trout

Damn, I cant believe its been since May that I posted anything on the blog. I've got out a few times with Mike and instead of doing all the copying and pasting i thought I'd just throw the link from our last outing. Here is the entry from Mike on his blog. Work this past summer has put a huge damper on the fishing this year and being that I've been working out of state the opportunities to get out have been slim. Anyways I hope I can get into the swing of things again and take advantage of the fall streamer fishing that is just around the corner. Here is a pattern that is probably not new to anyone if they have followed Kelly Galloup and his innovative streamer patterns. Instead of the T/A Rainbow Series I'd thought I'd come up with the T/A Brown Trout pattern which I'm hoping for some good result. As you can see I took some pictures of the materials that I used. The only think I did was I Incorporated the Brown Trout colors on the pattern. Its almost time for the throwing huge streamers and looking for big hungry trout as this time of year can be the best the year has to offer.