Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's Fall and the Feedbags are ON!!

Got the call from Mike that he was interested in hitting another lake we had our eye on for some time. From a reliable source, we were told that tigers were in this high unita lake. So we loaded up the toons and headed out. You couldnt ask for a better fall day. The golden colors of the aspens were on fire in the morning sunrise. We had to take a dirt road which led us up a mountain to get to our destination. Once we got to the lake the water was alot lower than we expected. We had to drive down to the shoreline to unload the truck and we prepared for the day. Right off the top Mike was throwing off of the shoreline and connected with a nice fish. The day was setting up to be a great one. Once in the water Mike was kicking my ass and I had a lot catching up to do. Once I found my grove the leader board started to shrink for Mike. We dodged a few rain drops but the fishing remained steady for the most part. Later n the day the sun broke out and the wind started to pick up and we started hooking fish just 50 yards away from the truck. Mike stuck some nice Cutts and with a few Tigers in the mix it was a great day. After loading everything up we decided to try up the road from where we were to visit another lake in the area. Once we got out the wind really picked up and than we decided to pack it up and we called it a day.

UOTF Stillwater 08 gathering

The annual UOTF trip to Strawberry was great, this is an annual gathering of guys on Lots of food, drinks and just great conversation. The burgers that Jess had prepared were excellent. Chipolte Burgers!!! Some of the best tasting burgers you'll ever taste. Fishing was spotty at best but Ron was throwning down on us while we ate lunch on shore. He didnt want to come in while the fishing for him was on fire. The fish were not keying in on any particular pattern The great lunch made up for the lack of fish. While we ate there was a slight downpour of rain which didnt last long. Occasional break in the skies would turn the fish on. Later in the day as usual the wind picked up and it was time leave. Overall the Berry had been hit and miss for the most part. Great times were had and it was great to joke around with some of the guys I havent seen all year. Till next year.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Bendo

Well I had the chance to take a 4 day weekend and I jumped on the chance to take. With all the home projects I've been doing, I hadn't taken the pontoon out at all. So I dusted it off in search of some Bear Lake Cutts in the Berry over the holiday weekend. It felt good to get back in the boat and take a stab at landing a few fish. I had heard before we left that the weather was going to turn bad on Sunday and as you can see in the pictures the high clouds started rolling in but the wind was tolerable. Fishing in the afternoon at the Berry can be tough especially in the afternoon hours. So I rigged up my 6wt Loop Rod and a type 4 sink line and went hunting. A lot of the fish I graphed were suspended in about 19ft of water. Took my first Cutt on a Spectrumized Leech size 8. I like to use Leech patterns with no weight at all. With a short 5ft leader, that fly will sink just fine. After about another hour went by and no fish to the boat, I decided to change the Leech for one of Cheech's Estas Bugger in White. First cast with this pattern produced a healthy Rainbow which seem pretty rare at best at the Berry. Another hour had pasted by and the wind started picking up so as a last ditch effort I threw on the Brown Spectrumized Leech again and hooked and landed another nice Cutt. I could feel that my battery was getting low on juice, being that I was using the battery for a dual purpose for lights in the trailer. I didn't was to drain it completely cause I needed heat in the trailer for the night. While I was out on the lake I had a friend which was catching crayfish in traps with my daughter and we had those for dinner after they cleaned them and boiled them. I have to say that they tasted pretty good considering that I have never eaten them before. After I quick meal of crayfish I started a camp fire to warm up with and the bottle of Jack Daniels helped as well. Over all it a great weekend and I certainly cant wait for the best the Berry has to offer as Fall approaches.