Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gotta Love Fall in the High Country

Last night I was debating on where to go hit some water and since I had not hit this particular area I thought I'd call Scott  and see if he was up to hitting some new water. Quickly he agreed and we had our destination and off at 7am we were. We couldn't believe the fall colors all around in the high country this time of year, it adds an extra bonus for sure.

Golds and Yellows all around

The fish were not of any size but they were eager. Plenty of Cutts, Brookies, and a surprise Rainbow in the mix. Hoppers, Trudes, Caddis, and Ant patterns were the ticket on these small fish.

Thanks Scott for a great time on the water today even if the fish were small. It was nice to get out and fish with ya. Scott has a video he's putting together I'll put up as soon as he's got it ready.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Mercer's Rag Sculpin

Material List: Hook- TMC 700 size 4
Thread- For tail 8/0 UNI Tan 3/0 Monocord Tan
Extended Tail- Body and Head EZE Bug Tan
Pectorial Fins- Medallion Sheeting Tan
Eyes- I-Balz Green/black size to match hook
Prismacolor Markers Olive and Brown for the Mottling Effect.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

DIY Extended Bodies.

Coming Soon!!........... Yeah Doughty your gonna have to wait man!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The North Face Terra 30 Pack Review

If you are a fan of collecting gear for your addiction and you know who you are... You just cant pass up a deal when its presented to you. So a few days ago I had received one of those emails thats about a close-out or discontinued item. Well I fell victim to this pack. Now I have tried my fair share of packs, some I've liked and others a total piece of shit. Well I was curious of this pack and being that it was made by a well known company I thought crap lets see if this is something I'm gonna like.
Well I just got this pack yesterday and I can tell you that immediately I was impress by the quality of the pack. Plenty of pockets to stow away items with an ease to find them. The shoulder straps and padding fit perfectly and is very comfortable. The waist belt is padded well and I feel its constructed very nice. North Face does offer a internal water reservoir but didn't opt to go that route, I usually just carry a water bottle of something I didn't feel the need to purchase that. I feel this pack will suit me well I like the overall look and once its on it feels very comfortable so hopefully it will perform well, only time will tell. Later in the year I'll report back to this entry to let you know how it performed.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cat Puke Skwalla

Tiemco 200R size 8
Self created adbomen
Montana Fly Web Wing -- Grey
Green Krystal Flash
Poly Wing in white
2mm Brown Foam
Homemade Blend of Golden Dubbing
Green/ Black Barred Mini Taurantula Legs
Light Green Clear Hollow Tubing
8/0 Tan Thread

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

HB80 is out and we need your HELP!!!

HB 80
Received this email today from Bryan Gregson today and wanted to pass the news along.
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Utah Recreational Water user Bill is out!!! –> HB 80
Representative Fowlke released the much anticipated Recreational water Bill today!!
The process of this Bill started right after the end of last years session. It involved input from all sides, the DWR and it included the public. This was an ongoing process that lasted though the late Fall. Although, not everyone got exactly what they wanted, all groups on both sides compromised and tried diligently to make this a win-win. Unfortunately, there is always one in the bunch….the FB will not be backing this. They are unwilling to compromise and were set on the language stating “wet-boot” rather than “ordinary high water mark”.
HB 80 –>
PDF –>
Keep up the good work!

Sunday, January 24, 2010