Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gotta Love Fall in the High Country

Last night I was debating on where to go hit some water and since I had not hit this particular area I thought I'd call Scott  and see if he was up to hitting some new water. Quickly he agreed and we had our destination and off at 7am we were. We couldn't believe the fall colors all around in the high country this time of year, it adds an extra bonus for sure.

Golds and Yellows all around

The fish were not of any size but they were eager. Plenty of Cutts, Brookies, and a surprise Rainbow in the mix. Hoppers, Trudes, Caddis, and Ant patterns were the ticket on these small fish.

Thanks Scott for a great time on the water today even if the fish were small. It was nice to get out and fish with ya. Scott has a video he's putting together I'll put up as soon as he's got it ready.