Sunday, November 29, 2009

DIY Cliff Bugger Boxes

If any of you guys have ever priced out the cost of those Cliff Bugger Barn Boxes well I have a solution for you. These boxes are very available through online craft stores and as well as drafting
supply stores also. At the most you can be into a completed box for no more than 15 bucks. Now depending on the size of box your looking for I have bought the Medium Size box and using 2 sheets of 6mm foam and a hot glue gun you can duplicate the same box as Cliff does with only a fraction of the cost. Once I have the box open what I have done is using a larger piece of paper use this to draw yourself a template for where the foam will lie inside. Once this is done transfer that template onto the foam. You could use scissors to accomplish this but a utility knife works best. Now once you have the foam cut out from the template, use a ruler and cut some grooves into the foam. Make as many rows that you need to accommodate whatever patterns your trying to fill the box with. Once this is done get your hot glue gun and lay down a few rows of the hot glue and insert your foam into the box. This process shouldn't take to long to dry, once done you can load it with whatever patterns you need.
Good Luck building your own.
I've listed a few places to start with.