Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jesse James 44 Mag 4/5 Custom------ Pre Order Done!

Inspired by Jesse James and West Coast Choppers, theJesse James Reel Company‘s goal from the beginning was to design and build fly fishing reels with a strong design element that are also tool-like in their form and function. Company president, Mark Mahoric, field-tested the 44 Mag fly reel for two years on the trophy waters of Alaska’s rivers and streams prior to its recent release.

All Jesse James reels are machined from 6061 bar stock aluminum and feature a machined aluminum reel handle, spool release and drag adjustment knobs. They have a drag system that provides silent line retrieval and a solid click with outgoing line. The 44 Mag features a gun-smoke-colored spool and a black spider-web frame pattern. The reel also features a custom skull spider logo, the Jesse James 44 Mag text on the handle, and the iron cross, which have all been laser-etched into the aluminum.

Currently available n a 7/8 model, the Jesse James Reel Company will release the Jesse James 44 Mag 4/5 (made from 3 1/4-inch stock) in May 2011, and a Jesse James 44 Mag saltwater/spey model (made from 4 1/2-inch stock) which will be available in early February 2011.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Green Drakes on the brain

Its been months since my last blog entry but life has gotten busy.
Since than I haven't spent as much time out on the water let alone
to sit and tie for some time. Just wanted to see how much was lost
since the last session, You be the judge...


Hook ------- Teimco 200R size 12
Lead Wrap -- 7 turns
Abdomen ---- Thread built up and wrapped with Thin Skin. SM gold wire
Tail---------- 3 strands of Pheasant Tail fibers
Thorax ------ 4 strands of tan Ostrich Herl. 10 fibers of Pheasant tail for the Thorax
Thread ------ 8/0 Tan
5 minute Epoxy over wing-case.