Friday, May 2, 2008

3 Strikes.......I'm out!!!

Well its been a tough spring for me
this year. In the past 3 trips I've been skunked. Dont know what the deal is but I've gotta fix it. Jer thought it could be because I'm using the Thingamabobber and he could be right. Its time for a different game plan.


Scott said...

If you want to get the stink off, I can suggest a great brookie stream in Davis County. Those little fellas are hungry!

Thingamabobbers rule! No popping with those things.

pat said...

Thanks Scott. I'm thinking I'm gonne give Pelican I go in a couple of weeks with the pontoon. Let me know if your game!!

Scott said...

Send me the dates and I'll see what I've got open. Next week I'm hitting the Blue River, and the week after that I'll be fishing the "Miracle Mile" up by Casper. Work may get in the way. Let me know.