Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Experimental Hotwire Stone

This is my latest creation of trying to simulate a Stonefly Nymph.
I love the alternating wire for the body of these flies. I havent really
put them through the test yet but I'm hoping for good results.
TMC 200R Hook Size 14
2 Black Biots for the tail
Gold and Black SM UTC Wire
Black Thin Skin for the wing case
A special Blend of dubbing bought through Fly Tiers Dungeon
Under body lead wire
Bead head,
8/0 Black Thread.
Partridge in Brown for the legs.


cor said...

That looks is a fantastic fly that WILL do the job!

pat said...

Thanks Cor, too bad I lost it this past weekend. I'll have a few more done before the next go around.

BG said...

Nice work fellas!!! Great pics Pat!

RnF said...

Nice tie! Another sweet blog to bookmark. Nice work.