Sunday, September 28, 2008

UOTF Stillwater 08 gathering

The annual UOTF trip to Strawberry was great, this is an annual gathering of guys on Lots of food, drinks and just great conversation. The burgers that Jess had prepared were excellent. Chipolte Burgers!!! Some of the best tasting burgers you'll ever taste. Fishing was spotty at best but Ron was throwning down on us while we ate lunch on shore. He didnt want to come in while the fishing for him was on fire. The fish were not keying in on any particular pattern The great lunch made up for the lack of fish. While we ate there was a slight downpour of rain which didnt last long. Occasional break in the skies would turn the fish on. Later in the day as usual the wind picked up and it was time leave. Overall the Berry had been hit and miss for the most part. Great times were had and it was great to joke around with some of the guys I havent seen all year. Till next year.

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