Monday, December 8, 2008

1/2 day on the Middle

Normally I dont get that chance to fish under the week but since I had plenty of PTO I decided to hit the Middle Provo. Being that I dont fish the Middle to often I was under a time restraint and fished somewhere close. I got a call from Mark and we decided on meeting in Midway and we decided to hit the Hoover's Hole area. It was damn cold too. mark hooked up imediately on a nice 12 inch brown. We walked up stream and just hit a few holes on the way up. Mark was using a small size 20 black Pheasant Tail and was doing well. I could see him for the most part of the day. I couldnt land anything for the time we were there but it sure was nice to be out again though. What was nice is that this section is usually crowded and we didnt even see another person the whole time we were there. Ice was getting tough to deal with which comes with the cold temps but it was again nice to be out instead of the office. Thanks Mark for a little break.

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Oh! I miss nymphing! good photos!