Sunday, March 6, 2011

Harsh Winters

Untitled from Pat Murphy on Vimeo.

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Harsh Winters.

For those of you that need to get there fix regardless of the weather conditions, Winters can be brutal. Subfreezing temps, blowing snow, waist deep snow that you have to dredge through.

Frozen fingers,biting winds can send the most fair weather fisherman to hibernate until spring. For those of you that are hardcore, the rewards can be unbelievable. A few fish good fish can warm you up and you will forget how harsh the weather can be.

Mike and I met up at our usual 6:30 pick-up point. Mike hadn't got any sleep the night before so he was on a low tank of gas. We made the 2 1/2 hour jaunt north to a unforgiving place especially this time of year. The fishing was slow with just a few risers, Mike was determined to get his fish on streamers, and he was missing fish. With a few pattern changes he finally connected a couple nice rainbows. After a couple hours here we decided to drive further downstream to see what we could find. The thought of wading through 3 feet of snow and 300 yards to get to the river was a challenge. We hit a couple of nice holes were Mike was fishing about me and he had a couple hits but solid. Shortly after this I connected into a nice solid brown that almost tore the rod right out of my hand. We thought that fish fish had probably hit Mike's streamer than cruised down to where I was at and I connected with it. It sure made the long walk through the snow worth the trouble... and warmed our spirits as well. Nice to finally get out once again since it's been 6 months since my last adventure. Thanks again Mike, It was great to finally put everything aside and finally enjoy what I love to do.

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real nice pat

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