Friday, February 22, 2008

4 weights........the arsenal.

4 weights have been a large part of my evolution as a fly fisherman. Since I first picked up a fly rod some 30 years ago. I remember the first rod that I saved and bought was an HMG Fenwick 8ft 2 piece 4 weight. Thats all I have ever fished and thats what I love to throw.
When I was a young boy I prefered to fly fish over any other way to catch fish. When I lived in California I would always string my Fenwick and leave everything else aside. As a teenager I often went after Bass and Bluegill till I couldnt take it anymore. I had some highschool friends that flyfished as well so we always had so many things to talk about in class that's if the teacher didnt catch us while he was talking. As the years went by the Fenwick was lost in a move to Utah back in 1982.
After recovering from that Fenwick loss my next purchase was from a local fly shop here in the Salt Lake Valley called Western River Fly Fishers. I noticed online that they had a used SAGE RPL+. Well I went down there and looked it over and took it outside on a cloudy and rainy day. I dont fish with it much and I dont know why but I still have it and I break it out now and again.
Well about 3 years ago I had heard about the Sage XP. I talked to a few friends and other anglers about this rod and what the rave was about it. I had casted a friends 490 XP and loved it. I soon bought one and use it often and I really enjoy the fast action of this rod. The only regret I have about the XP is that I wished I had bought one in 4 piece.
Last year I had the chance to buy a Loop rod and I jumped on that chance to see what this rod was about. I've only fished it once this year but I know it will see more playing time as the year moves along.


BG said...

I'm looking forward to your future posts!

Now start posting pics ; )


pat said...

Thanks Bry. I have alot of catching up to do fo sho.