Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weekend Ties

Here are a few more patterns that I tied up over the weekend. Nothing special just keeping busy. I was introduced to a forum all about soft hackles and there is many great tyers on this site and some of their ideas has sparked my interest to tie more of these patterns. So as of lately I've been on this site
The information that I've been finding and receiving has help me progress in my tying when it comes to tying these patterns. I knew Scott aka RnF http://www.utahflypatterns.com/index/ would appreciate this site as well since he fishes and ties soft hackle patterns and I believe has has enjoyed this site also. Thanks for contributing to it also Scott! I've learned alot from your patterns also.


RnF said...

Nice ties Pat! I really like the last one. Good colors.

Yeah, that site is pretty amazing with all the patterns that get posted there. Tons to see and learn from excellent tiers. It's a gold mine for soft hackles and other wetflies.

Thanks again!

pat said...

Thanks Scott! Hope you do well on the Green. Let me know how you do!
I've enjoyed your patterns as well. Keep up the great work!