Friday, February 13, 2009

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This last summer the state supreme court decided unanimously in the conatser v. johnson case ( that the public had the right to use waters in the state for recreational purposes. This use includes streams and rivers on lands owned privately. This was a great victory Utah anglers as it ensured that the fish owned by the them, but trapped on a stretch of river that was privately owned, could be enjoyed by anglers who stayed within the confines of the river. Other legal recreation such as kayaking, floating and swimming is now also possible on these bodies of water.Unfortunately, a few Utah House Represenatives are trying to pass legislation that would overturn the conatser decision. Mr Ferry has introduced bill 187 ( This bill will not please the many recreation enthusiasts in Utah. Many anglers know of Mr. Ferry's bill, and everyone is very unhappy. We have begun to unite together to fight this bill. We believe that private land owners should not be able to hold public resources such as water and fish hostage from public use.I want to encourage anyone that has been a follower of my blog, family, friends, fellow flyfisher's, anyone out their lurking...... PLEASE, PLEASE, Help and get involved in writing Utah House Represenatives. If you live in Utah you can follow this link below and look up your District Represenative., there is a website dedicated to this bill: WATER GUARDIANS and Fellow Fly Fishers U N I T E !!! We need your support. The outcome of this bill could effect YOUR state water rights as well.Anyone that has questions please email myself or visit and help all of us spread the word.

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