Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Buffalo Midges.

They are the hatch you dont want to miss for sure. These bugs are quite large in comparison to the norm. When the fish key on them it can be crazy!! Usually these larger midges usually show between Valentines Day and Presidents Day. Of coarse all this depends on weather and other factors. Usually you can have a mix of these midges and BWO which will drive you nuts cause you dont know what to throw. So you just throw both. Problem solved.

This is the actual bug pictured here. In this shot its roughly between a size 18 and 16.

This is what I came up with after looking at this midge closer. Here is the receipe, pretty simple.

Hook---------------------Size 18 dryfly hook in this picture

Body---------------------Brown 8/0 thread, I like to coat the body with Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails.

Rib-----------------------Tan 8/0 thread tied at the tail end of the hook that spun with a dubbing loop tool tightly to form a rope if you will. Than this rope is now wrapped up the shank of the hook.

Dubbing----------------None was used in this pattern I didnt want alot of bulk at the thorax. If you decide on using dubbing I would suggest the superfine.

Wing--------------------Light Dun Poly Yarn.

Hackle-----------------Grizzly which was used on this pattern or you can used a light dun.

Now tie some up.


mike doughty said...

outstanding work pat


Oh, I hear that these are going right now here in Utah...haven't seen any yet, but it would be cool to match it up. Nice work!