Saturday, April 4, 2009

Honcho Hopper

This morning I met up with Corey and Doug to hit the Green River to only be turned away due to snow on Interstate 80 past Evanston WY. So while we stopped and eat at the McD's and talking about summer fishing and Doug showing Corey and myself a few patterns that worked for him this past Summer I figured I'd tie this version up.
Hook-------------size 8 streamer hook
Thread-----------8/0 Black
Foam-------------2mm Tan Foam
Underwing------ White Poly yarn
Overwing-------- Cow Elk
Thorax----------- 3 strands of peacock herl
Post--------------White Poly yarn
Parachute------Grizzly Hackle wrapped downward on poly post.
Legs-------------Black Micro tubing and one strand of Tan Micro Centipede Legs
pulled through the Micro tubing using a piece of small ribbing wire
made into a loop. I than placed the micro legs into the wire loop
and pulled it together through the Black Micro Tubing. Once through,
I just trimmed the even the section.

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mike doughty said...

holy shit pat that is sick! i can't wait to throw that baby.