Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Olive Ghengis Kahn

Since the last trip I was on and seeing Cory do some damage on some
streamers I thought I'd share this.

Hook----------------------------Size 2 Mustad 79580 Streamer Hook

Tail------------------------------Olive Brown Marabou

Body----------------------------Brown/Olive Dubbing applied with a dubbing loop

Hackle--------------------------Whiting's Olive Schlappen

Eyes----------------------------Weighted painted yellow eyes

Head and Back-------------Sculpin Wool Dark Olive

Bars----------------------------Black Sharpie Marker.

Legs---------------------------Waspi Sili Legs Nymph Pumpkin Barred.


mike doughty said...

that's dead sexy pat! looks similar to something i tie.

Pat said...

Thanks Mike I'm working on a couple other color variations so I'll keep you updated.

CoreyK said...

he11 yeah that will hunt!

Scott said...

Nasty nasty nasty! Great tie Pat